Covid19 Buyer & Seller Update  @ September 2021

Transacting real estate during NZ Covid19 Lockdowns in 2021 is likely to be stressful for all parties involved in a transaction. So please do be considerate to the needs of others when you’re communicating about a transaction.

The information provided here is a guide only and subject to change : For updates please refer to  

This page explains some of your options if you’re buying or selling property during COVID-19 alert level 4. This page was last reviewed 18 August 2021 To see what alert level your region is at and for general information about the current COVID-19 situation please visit


  • Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), most banks and many lawyers, conveyancers and real estate agents are working remotely, and this may cause delays.

  • Talk to your real estate agent and lawyer or conveyancer about what to do if you’re in the middle of a real estate transaction.

  • The Real Estate Authority (REA) recommends that you and the other party defer settlement until both the buyer and the seller are at alert level 3 or lower.

  • Real estate business can only go ahead if it doesn’t require people to break alert level 4 restrictions.

  • During alert level 4, buyers cannot move into new properties and sellers cannot move out of their properties.

  • Read the government alert level 4 guidance on the COVID-19 website.