An Appraisal is more than just a number of what your house might sell.

An Appraisal - commonly referred to as a CMA or Comparative Market Review.  
Appraisals are a requirement from the REA NZ for all licensee's and real estate agents: An appraisal must be provided to all vendors (home owners) with an Agency Agreement.

Your home's CV is likely dated 2017. Due to Covid 19 disruption, Council delayed reassessing to 2021. So the majority of CV's are likely to be way out of date as of Jan 2021.  

When the Auckland Council does update your CV, will your property be assessed accurately?
Things to take into account:
    - Renovations and additions you have done in the last 3-5 years - are these on the council records

    - Possible re-zoning which can significantly impact values eg re-zoned from single residential to commercial or to mixed use terrace housing / apartment zoning

   - Comparative sales data of recently homes that have sold in your neighbourhood

   - Independant valuations undertaken by registered valuers can be very useful


You may simply be keen know the value of your home is in the current market for personal or financial reasons, if you are looking to refinance, or potentially sell in the next 6 -12 months. Maybe a neighbours or friends house has just sold or you are just curious, what is your home or investment property worth. I can help you with all this.


In less than a day, I can provide you with a comprehensive appraisal of your home's current 2021 value.
I happily provide this 
service at no cost, no obligation -  100% confidentiality always assured.

An appraisal can be done with a single visit your property, typically I meet you on site and we can spend 30-45 minutes to go over your property

Show me any upgrades/ renovations/ and improvements. I then do analysis using online sales and property data from various sources and we can assess the current 2021 market value based on the latest available market data.


Please feel free to give me a call or fill in your details and I will contact you to discuss.

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FInd out the current value of your home
using preCovid & postCovid sales data

Thank you, I will be in touch shortly. Kind regards Jo